Booklist: Top 10 Business Books of 2016

America is no longer the hub of culture, talent, and innovation that it was in the twentieth century. Merisotis breaks down why. With the decline of low-skill, mechanical jobs in America and the rise of technology, there is an ever-growing need of new job skills, from low skilled to high and everywhere in between. The four-year campus college approach to education is simply not meeting students’ or society’s needs. Instead, higher education should be adaptable, time constructive, and learning based, which nurtures each student’s individual “talent.” Talent in Merisotis’ world is not some innate ability, necessarily, but the potential every person naturally possesses to contribute to society with his or her unique strength—a lovely variation on the more commodified associations. Merisotis’ plan for America to nurture the talent in its citizens is multifaceted—renovate the education system; bring together private, nonprofit, and public sectors to take innovative risks; and reform immigration, to attract talent from abroad. Though the ideas may feel general or obvious at times, these are wise words from a thoughtful leader in the nonprofit world offering a unique perspective on the history and future of higher education in America. — Sarah Grant, Booklist

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