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International Innovation: Rethinking higher education

From policy and economics, to society and the student, President of Lumina Foundation, Jamie Merisotis, is an expert in all things education. Here, he shares the current challenges affecting the US education system, the changes required to transform learning environments and how the Lumina team is endeavouring to become part of a new educational revolution.

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POLITICO: Free the funds!

The 2016 presidential campaigns have begun to focus on higher education in some important ways, with candidates like Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio underscoring the rising cost of college, the impacts of student debt, and how to make college more affordable.

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National Journal: A U.S. Department of Talent? The Idea Isn’t Crazy

On page 107 of the sur­pris­ingly easy-to-di­gest Amer­ica Needs Tal­ent: At­tract­ing, Edu­cat­ing and De­ploy­ing the 21st-Cen­tury Work­force, Mer­isot­is pro­poses the cre­ation of a U.S. Tal­ent De­part­ment. If that makes you in­cred­u­lous, Mer­isot­is is pre­pared. The chapter be­gins with the words, “I know, I know.”

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